A Great Set of Sheets for Winter

November 10, 2018

A Great Set of Sheets for Winter

Winter is coming and so are those long chilly nights.   So what are the best sheets for sleeping on during the winter months?   Well Bamboo of course.   Bamboo is the perfect choice for those cold winter climates because of these two amazing properties I'm sure you will appreciate.  




 Its Thermal Regulating


Everyone enjoys cuddling up under the sheets.  This is even more so during the winter months when you want to be not only snug but comfy and warm.   But what happens if you get too warm during the night?    Well the body's natural response is too sweat and that can be super uncomfortable especially with conventional sheets.   It is important to sweat because that is how our body cools itself but that will not happen if water cannot evaporate off our bodies carrying away the extra heat.  Conventional sheets traps in moisture as it is absorbed by the sheet.   All that trapped moisture raises the humidity causing you to just get hotter and hotter.   You start to sweat more until you are finally awakened by an unbearable heat disrupting a perfectly good night rest.   


Bamboo is so amazing because it does the opposite.  It works really well with your body drawing away the moisture from it.  Bamboo also will wick away the heat and moisture from your body at twice the rate of cotton.  Unlike conventional sheets that traps in the water with bamboo sheets the moisture rises to the surface of the material where it is allowed to evaporate and escape.  This allows your body to stay cool and comfortable so you can sleep soundly at night.   No more night sweats!  




Its Soft As Silk


Face it.   Cotton sheets can sometimes feel rough against the skin depending on the thread count.  Over time sheets can also become rough with repeated washing.  Bamboo sheets on the other hand is very durable and are always soft and smooth against the skin.  Combine this with its thermal regulating properties and you have a winner for those long cold nights.  No more clingy sheets, cold feet or overheating at night.  For those cold winter months Bamboo bed sheets would be your best choice for keeping your cozy at night.







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