Kitchen Decorating Tips on a Budget

February 11, 2018

Kitchen Decorating Tips on a Budget

The kitchen is the one room in the house where everyone in the family likes to gather.  With all your friends and family hanging out there it can get pretty hard to move around.  This is a problem in almost every household because the kitchen is the social hub of the home.  Since everyone likes to socialize there, having a beautifully decorated and organized kitchen is truly a plus.  Below are some simple updates you can make to the kitchen without breaking the bank.


First and foremost, consider a new paint color for the walls.  If you have a dark paint color in your kitchen, this is going to make your kitchen seem small.  It’s like the walls are closing in on you.  Yet, if you have a pastel or a light color it will brighten up the space and the room will feel bigger.   You could also try accent walls, which is where you paint one wall a different color.   You could do one warm color and one cool color (such as red and pink).


If you feel cluttered in your kitchen, consider adding an island to the space.  This is really effective way to add more storage and counter space to the kitchen.  This could be a utility cart that simply holds appliances and then slides into a closet once it’s not in use.  It could even be a table that matches your kitchen counter tops that is strategically placed in the center of the kitchen with bar stools.  


Try doing some reorganizing.  One place you can start is the cabinets.  If your bake ware, pots and pans are cluttered consider purchasing cabinet dividers.  This allows you to keep everything separate so you know exactly where to get the bread pan or the muffin tin, rather than searching through drawers for it.  Muffin pans and other bake ware can be stored on its side rather than in drawers.  Being organized is going to make cooking and baking in your kitchen much more enjoyable.


Make a few updates to the kitchen by removing the cabinet doors and replacing with ones that are open.   This will allow you to see what's in the cupboard, such as your plates, glasses or mugs.  The open cabinetry will give the illusion of more space plus this minor change will have a dramatic affect on the overall look of your kitchen. Don't want to remove the doors?   A little coat of paint on the cabinets can have a dramatic effect as well and is a more budget friendly way to freshen up the space.  To have an even more bigger impact consider replacing the hardware on the doors as well for a more coordinated and updated look. 


Finally, get the whole family in on the fun and keep things organized by adding a family message board to the kitchen area.  Since the kitchen is the social hub of the home this is the perfect place to keep a grocery list, a to do list and even a chore list for the younger members of the family.   


Decorating your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant.  Keep it simple and you’re going to have more money for those summer barbecues.





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