Proven Steps to an Organized and Clutter Free Linen Closet

December 29, 2017

Proven Steps to an Organized and Clutter Free Linen Closet

The linen closet is often the most cluttered space in the house but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tried and proven tips that will help keep the linens in your closet from spiraling out of control.




Sort and fold neatly your fitted and flat sheets by style and then store them inside matching pillowcases on the shelves.  Keeping your linens together makes it easier for you and family members to find them when it’s time to change those sheets.  It also ensures the other linens stay nice and neatly folded.





Store bulky items like blankets, quilts, and pillows that are not being used in large vacuum sealed storage bags to keep them out of the way. This will also keep your closet clutter free while keeping your seasonal items fresh and moisture free while being stored in the linen closet.






Use clear containers with labels to organize and store items. This will allow you to find things easier without having to dig through the entire closet. Table linens like napkins, napkin holders, and tablecloths are perfect for storing in these types of containers.






An office supply file sorter used to hold folders can also do double duty for organizing and storing washcloths and hand towels in your linen closet. Simply fold and roll the towels then stack them neatly in between the compartments of the office file and then place next to the bath towels for easy access.





Designating shelves into categories will keep things organized and neat.  Assign lower shelves for popular items like toilet paper. Top Shelves are perfect for items that are less frequently used like blankets, table linens, and guest linens. Save the middle shelves for the more frequently used items like bath towels and bed linens.  Adjustable shelving units also help with keeping things organized. You can rearrange the closet according to the unique needs and sizes of the items you are storing thus allowing you to maximize your storage space.



Tip #6  Purging


Finally, give great consideration to the amount of space you have in your linen closet. Most linen closets are not very large so as you add new items get rid of any linens that are stained, worn and most importantly not being used at all.  This may be the hardest tip of all since most of us form an attachment to the things we own. There is always that thought at the back of our mind that someday we might be able to use it. That’s understandable but if you are brave enough to go through with it your closet will be happier for it.  Don’t want to throw any good linens away? No problem. There are many goodwill agencies that will gladly take your donated items. 

These are just a few simple tips I believe can really help with keeping your line closet organized and clutter free.  Hope you enjoyed reading.




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