Sateen and Percale Sheets

September 21, 2019

Sateen and Percale Sheets

If you are anything like me you probably think percale and sateen is just another type of material.  When I shop for sheets I observed that they look and feel very different so I came to this conclusion and believed this for a long time.   What I now know is percale and sateen actually refers to the way the material is woven and understanding the difference will help with selecting the right set of sheets for your bed. 

Percale Sheets

Let’s consider percale sheets first.  Percale is actually the type of weave used in the sheets.  The material used is actually interwoven into a series of horizontal and vertical threads that forms a crisp dense fabric.  Its traditionally one yarn over, one yarn under pattern.   

Percale sheets typically will have a matte finish. They are soft and very durable sheets that normally will not pill over a period of time.  A percale weave is not a tight weave either so it’s very lightweight and breathable. This is one reason why they are very popular with most shoppers and especially with warm sleepers who want to stay cool while they sleep at night.  They are also very popular sheets in the hotel and healthcare industry. 


Sateen Sheets

Sateen sheets are more tightly woven than percale.  The thread in sateen sheets are woven together with one yarn under, and then four yarns over with this pattern continuously repeating itself over and over again.  In this weave pattern, the longer float of four yarns woven over makes the fabric soft and smooth to the touch.  Since more light touches the longer float it gives the sheets a shiny satin finish.  This type of weave also makes these sheets a little more wrinkle resistant than percale sheets.  They will also retain more heat making sateen sheets ideal for sleeping on very cool nights.   

Now that we know the difference between percale and sateen sheets, shopping for the right set of sheets has just gotten a whole lot easier.  Knowing how the fabric is made goes a long way with making a more informed decision based on your needs.  If you live in a very hot or warm climate then percale sheets may be the best option.  In areas that have seasonal weather and cooler climates, the sateen sheets may be a better choice since they will keep you warmer and more comfortable at night.  No matter what your choice or preference, they're both very soft durable high quality sheets that will provide endless nights of rest and enjoyment.   




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