Amazing Ideas for Chalkboard Paint and Decals

January 07, 2018

Amazing Ideas for Chalkboard Paint and Decals

Chalkboards are not just for kids room.  Adults can have some fun with it too. The fact is the urge to write on walls is not something reserved only for children.  

In my mission to find some very useful and practical DIY chalkboards ideas, I found some really great ones that made this list and thought it would be a good idea to share with others.  

Some of these suggestions you may already be aware of but it doesn’t hurt to get timely reminders of just how much fun playing with chalk can be.


Menu Board

Chalkboard menus are not just for restaurants.  Try showcasing a menu on a wall located in the room where your guest will be dining. The addition of a chalkboard menu will certainly add to the ambience and dining experience for you and the guest that you’re entertaining.   A large menu board can be real sophisticated idea.  Don’t want anything too extravagant? Scale it down to a small framed chalkboard menu that can be displayed on a buffet table to announce the menu to your dinner guest as they enter the dining area.





Change things up and create a personalized giant size calendar using chalk paint. As I surfed the web, I found a few inspirations for a life size planner and thought what a great idea for a home office. Life size planners would be a great way to always keep up with your appointments.  Check out this great example here at Our Fifth House.



Instead of post its, you can use chalk paint or a chalk board decal to create giant memos on the wall in your home office or study. Unlike Post it, the best part of using a chalkboard to take notes is it can be reused over and over again.


Chalk Board Star Sticker


To Do List

Create an accent wall in the Kitchen using chalk paint. This is great place to jot down your recipes, and even the grocery list.  Need something a little smaller?  Try just painting a kitchen cabinet door instead.  



Keep everything tidy and organized with chalkboard stickers that can be used to label anything including mason jars, canisters and baskets in your pantry. Take it a step further and use chalkboard stickers for labeling your delicious homemade baked goods.  If your are like me and you reuse those containers, this makes it much easier to relabel.



Chalk labels are also a perfect solution for organizing your storage. Start with labeling baskets with your kids toys.  Utility rooms, linen closets and the laundry room are other areas where chalkboard labels are perfect for keeping your things organized.




Painting wine glass stems with chalk paint is a nifty idea for when you throw your next party. You and your guests will never have to worry about misplacing cocktail drinks ever again. Don't stop there.  Keeping track of your morning joe is so much more fun with chalkboard paint. Try using it on your favorite coffee cup.  A wonderful DIY example can be found at Wit and Whistle.   I'll be trying this soon.  There are so many great ideas for DIY Chalkboards that are out there. Some were pretty amazing but unfortunately I couldn't include them all in this blog. The final list that I came up with are the ones that I believe can be easily incorporated and used daily in our busy lives.  Hope you enjoyed reading.





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