Benefits of Swaddling

February 21, 2020

Benefits of Swaddling

For many parents swaddling a baby for the first time may not have been so easy on the first try.  The blankets may have been too loose or a fussy baby may have made it difficult to wrap or secure properly.  Even with these initial challenges don’t give up.  The benefits it offers will soon outweigh any initial mishaps you may experience.  Below are just a few things you will have to look forward to.


Helps to Soothe and Comfort 

It’s a practice used by mothers for many centuries to soothe a newborn infant. That’s no surprise since wrapping the baby may simulate their experience in the womb thus providing them with a sense of security that helps to keep them calm and feel safe.  It may also mimic the sensation of being held in an embrace by mom.  Also a calm baby is most likely to cry less often.


Provides Warmth 

It helps keep your newborn warm.  Newborns babies, especially premature ones, may not be able to regulate the body temperature since their bodies are so young and immature.  No matter what the temperature is outside swaddling can help prevent the loss of body heat in young infants.  


Helps With Sleeping 

Often babies will jerk or make quick flailing movements in their sleep.  Restricting the movements of their limbs can help them to sleep for longer periods.  Newborns may not naturally have control over their arms so this will prevent being disturbed and woken up by their own startle reflex or from hitting themselves in the face while sleeping.


Helps With Scratches

Swaddling an infant can also prevent scratches to face while sleeping.  Babies with a skin condition may also want scratch often so swaddling may help keep them from scratching and developing an infection.


Limits Rolling Onto Stomach

Swaddling can help with the prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in newborns.  Studies have shown that very young babies are more likely to be at risk of SIDS if they roll onto their stomachs from the prone or side sleeping position.  Since the safest position for newborn babies to sleep when swaddled is on their backs this can help with the reduction of SIDS.




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