Decorating Ideas for a Child's Playroom

July 19, 2019

Decorating Ideas for a Child's Playroom


Are you looking for the best ideas to decorate your kid’s playroom?   Here are great tips you can use to make your kid’s room safe and spacious enough:


  • Chalkboards

This is the best way to save money on easel displays or a hanging board.  Simply paint a section of the wall in your kid’s room with chalkboard paint.  This will turn your wall into an erasable chalkboard for a cheaper cost.


  • Seating Solutions

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive.  You can make a square floor cushion for lounging use in your kid’s room.  Alternatively, go for floor poufs and pillows. You can also get cheaper choices at clearance racks and sale areas.  Besides, cushions are also safer.


  • Wall decorations

Collect any artworks your kid might have made at school or home.  Have each piece framed and hung on the walls of your kid’s playroom.  With a cheap frame, you can easily personalize your child’s space.


  • Shelving

To improve the storage capability of your kid’s room, ensure you install shelves or small bookcases.  You might want to make the corners more usable by installing shelves.  With only a few steps, you can greatly improve storage in your kid’s playroom.


  • Furniture

You don’t have to be weighed down by very expensive children’s furniture. Substitute this with stools, ottomans that serve as tables and seating space. Besides ottomans don’t have sharp corners which can be unsafe.


  • Create an art area

Turn one of the tables in your kid’s room into an art center.  After all, you want to encourage them to further develop their artistic talents.  Keep art supplies in containers such as old mason jars.  Use them to hold markers, pencils, and paintbrushes.  Line them up on top of the table for easy reach.


  • Replaceable flooring

The floor in the kid’s playroom can greatly be messed up because the young ones like playing on the ground.  A inexpensive area rug is the best way of ensuring your hardwood floors or rug is protected from damage.  Carpet tiles are also great for a play area because you will only need to replace the damaged one.  A good tip is to purchase extra tiles and save for this purpose only.


  • Monograms

Use monograms to display your kid’s name on the walls of the room.  You might use craft shop stencils with some paint.  Alternatively, use large cardboard alphabet letters or paper mâché.  If you have a computer, use it to make name labels with the help of online templates.


  • Dry erase and bulletin boards

It is easy to add a dry erase or bulletin board to a wall in your kid’s playroom.  Your kids can use small dry erase boards to scribble or play games.  These boards can as well be used for hanging pictures or artwork.


With this list you have a number of options to make your kid’s playroom more personalized. Why not try them?




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