Important Baby Mobile Safety Tips

June 23, 2018

Important Baby Mobile Safety Tips

Eye-catching baby mobiles is a very popular decoration for a new nursery.  They come in a wide range of colors often with soothing music and shapes to the delight of your little one.   Before installing however, it’s a good idea for parents to review a few important safety tips to ensure these beautiful nursery accessories do not turn deadly for their precious little ones.  




It is always important to follow manufacturer’s directions that come with your new baby mobile to ensure that it is installed safely and correctly.   We strongly recommend registering your baby mobile to stay up on any recalls or new safety guidelines that may go into effect after the date of purchase.  Inspect the mobile regularly and carefully to ensure it is always perfectly secured and fastened at all times while in use.




You must maintain a safe distance between the mobile and your baby so that they cannot easily reach it.   Keep in mind that newborn babies can focus on things within a range of 8 to 12 inches only so you need to adjust any strings within this window.   Also note the bottom of the strings and shapes should be an approximate distance of 16 inches above the crib mattress and they should never dangle in reach of the crib rails.  




Experts say that mobiles are designed to capture the attention of newborns to focus on things and motivate them to make efforts to catch things that they like. The time when your baby becomes around 5 to 6 months old, is the right time for removing mobiles from the crib otherwise curious and quickly developing babies can pull it down and cause serious injuries to themselves.  




Never install a baby mobile that is designed with detachable parts.   This is a serious choking hazards and they should be removed immediately.  Once you bring your new baby mobile home, check all its parts carefully before installing to make sure nothing will easily break off and fall down on the baby.


TIP 5: D-I-Y


Thinking about designing your own baby mobile?   It’s a good idea to leave this to the experts since there are some obvious safety guidelines in place to prevent serious injury with these types of baby accessories.   For instance one of those guidelines is the length of the strings should be no longer that 7 inches, to avoid strangulation or other injuries to your baby.   It’s a good idea to measure the length of the strings to ensure your new baby accessory meets this safety guideline.



Can’t bear to put away a baby mobile that works so beautifully with your nursery decor?  Then consider hanging it from the ceiling after the baby starts pushing up and reaching for things.  This way it is safely out of reach and you and your baby can still enjoy it for many more months to come.






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