7 Low Budget Ways to Prepare a Nursery for a New Arrival.

December 12, 2017

7  Low Budget Ways to Prepare a Nursery for a New Arrival.

You just found out your bundle of joy’s arrival date. Congrats!  Soon it will be time to get busy and design the baby’s nursery. This is the one place you will be spending a lot of time in once the new baby comes home. It has to be colorful and baby-friendly, but decorating your dream nursery doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot. Check out these money-saving tips that will help you to save. 



First, if you decide to paint the room, consider using a gender-neutral color. Instead of painting the room blue for a boy or bright pink for a girl, pick a pastel color such as green or yellow. For a growing family, this will certainly help you save.



For instance, if your first child is a girl and later you are expecting a boy then you won’t have to repaint once your son is born. The only maintenance you may have to do is touch-ups here and there. It may be useful to keep a can of the nursery’s paint on hand in the garage or basement for this purpose.




Craigslist and eBay are wonderful resources for finding new items at discount prices so do some research online. You can find wonderful deals on the internet. Don't forget to check for eligible coupons delivered directly to your inbox or that can be found online. Websites like Retail me not, Groupon and Living Social are just a few places you can start to find deals.

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On another note, consider using wall decals. These are stickers that you simply stick on the wall of the nursery. They are very affordable and easy to use. Painting murals on the walls is another option to spruce up the decor as well. Both of these will give your child something colorful to look at while in the nursery.




When shopping for furniture look for timeless pieces that will grow with the new baby. Choose neutral finishes that will complement your kid's decor. This will make it easier to find items to decorate the room as the baby grows and your taste in furniture and furnishing changes.





It’s a good idea to weigh your options as you keep your budget intact. Start with only the main necessities like a crib and dresser to keep cost down. Shop at your local consignment shops or reach out to close family and friends. They are great places to find quality second-hand furniture. Keep in mind family and friends are your most valuable resource of all.  Often new moms receive an abundance of new clothes for the baby at the baby shower.  This is an awesome way to get clothes that were never worn because the baby simply outgrew it before ever getting a chance to wear them. Think about it  Brand new clothing that probably will still have the tags attached and your loved ones will most likely give it to you for Free!  I don't think anything can beat that.  





Baskets are a great idea for additional storage and less expensive than buying extra dressers.  I strongly believe this would be a practical and a safe option for the new nursery especially with very curious babies who may be tempted to climb dresser drawers as they grow older.






Finally, give the new nursery a personal touch by placing a large chalkboard on the wall. This is something I wish I had done when my son was younger.  Not only will it save your walls but as your child gets older and discovers art, this will be a wonderful place for them to explore and express themselves.

As you can see, decorating a nursery does not have to exceed your budget. Use these tips and you’ll have plenty of money when your new addition comes home.





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