Nursery Inspirations For The Arriving Baby

April 17, 2020

Nursery Inspirations For The Arriving Baby

Planning a new nursery can be an overwhelming experience. This month we thought we would share a few nursery decor ideas that may inspire you as you get ready for the big day. 


1. Vertical and horizontal stripes are a popular choice that will always grow with your baby.

Baby's nursery with stripes

2. How about including a rocking chair in the nursery design too. 

 Baby Nursery with rocking chair

3. Consider this inspiration with its colorful accessories and accent pieces.

 Baby's Nursery with Colorful Accent Pieces

4 Try thinking outside the box. This inspiration features neutral furniture against a bright and vibrant background. 

  Baby's Nursery with Bright Walls

5. How about adding a large mural to the wall.  These mountains as a backdrop perfectly fit the bill.

 Baby's nursery with large mural

6. Pretty in pink is the theme of this nursery and a wonderful inspiration for a new baby girl. 

 Baby's nursery with pink decor theme

7. A chalkboard accent wall is the focal point and inspiration for this baby's nursery.

 Baby's nursery with large chalkboard wall

8. Instead of the traditional pink and blue color scheme try mixing bold patterns and prints into the new baby's nursery.

 Baby's nursery with black and white bold dots

9. Finally this nursery decor features a neutral color scheme that was easily adapted to accommodate a boy or maybe later a baby girl as the family grows. 

 Baby's nursery with neutral white furniture



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