Our Favorite Timeless Toys for Young Children

December 06, 2020

Our Favorite Timeless Toys for Young Children

What are some of the most timeless toys for small children?  Anything that lets them learn and discover their world while having a whole lot of fun.  For the blog this month I decided to compile a short list of toys that are timeless for young children and their parents.


Dollhouses and Play Sets 

Dollhouses and play sets have been a favorite of children for more than a century.  Originally dollhouses were made exclusively for adults.  Later these miniature homes became a favorite for youngsters who also enjoyed playing and decorating the rooms with tiny furniture and tapestries.  They provide hours of fun while encouraging the use of young imaginations as they think up different stories and activities playing with small toy figures from room to room.   Today you can even find miniature play sets of schools, grocery stores, and firehouses.   All of them teach young children something about the real world they live in. 



Puzzles are another favorite because they challenge young minds.  Completing a puzzle involves thinking so toddlers learn about shapes, patterns and colors as they are improving their reasoning and problem solving skills.  Playing with puzzles is also great for boosting hand-eye coordination and refining fine motor skills in small children.  Today they are available in a wide variety of themes but the alphabets and shapes are still very popular.  Puzzles are definitely one of the best ways to boost a child's cognitive development.    


Push Toys 

Babies love to grab and push things so it should be no surprise that push toys made our list of timeless toys for young children.   Doesn't matter if it's a small push truck, a toy lawn mower, or a miniature shopping cart, small children love pushing things.  These toys are probably a lot of fun because children love to mimic the activities of adults.  On the other hand parents probably love them because they can also offer support.  Push toys can help small children with their balance while building their strength and confidence as they learn how to walk around on their own. 


Shape Sorters

Sorting shapes into different holes is a great way for young children to develop hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills.  Classic shape sorter toys have been helping children fine tune these skills for decades.   These educational toys are very successful with children because they enjoy learning how to fit the shapes into the holes.  Parents love them because they are also learning their shapes and colors while improving finger dexterity and a host of other things all while having fun. 


Stuffed Toys and Dolls

I could not complete this list without including stuffed toys and dolls.  Not only have they been providing security and comfort for ages but they also make a great best friend.  Children have always enjoyed imaginative play so we could not exclude stuffed toys and dolls because they have always been their first choice for play.  I strongly believe they are the best for building social skills while stimulating a child's young mind.




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