Pool Safety Reminders for Young Swimmers this Summer

June 08, 2019

Pool Safety Reminders for Young Swimmers this Summer


A trip to the beach or hanging out at the pool is one of the best ways to beat the summer heat.   Kids love to swim because it provides endless hours of fun and entertainment but this can quickly turn deadly if safety precautions are not taken.  With summer fast approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to share some water safety reminders especially for our readers with toddlers and very small children.

Safety Gates and Fences

Always install a safety gate or fence around pools, hot tubs and spas.  Fences should be at least 4 feet tall with no foot or handrails that kids can climb up on.  Measure the slats between fences. They should be no larger than 1 ¾ inches to prevent children from slipping between them.  Make sure latches are out of reach of small children and when not in use always keep fences and gates securely locked.


Flotation Devices

Vest and arm flotation devices are not safety devices and should not be treated as one.  Accidents can still happen and if punctured these devices can deflate very quickly. It is very important to keep an eye on small children if they are wearing any type of flotation devices.  A safer option would be to use a life safety vest approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.  Make sure to select the correct size. It must fit properly to work effectively.  For kids less than 5 years old a vest that provides head support to keep the face above water with a strap that goes between the legs is recommended.  You can easily find them at any large sporting goods store.


Inflatable Wading Pools

These smaller pools can pose just as much risk as a regular size pool.  Kids can just as easily drown with less than two inches of water in them.  Parents sometimes will get distracted when kids are playing in them because they assume there is little or no risk. They will do chores and maybe even walk away thinking they will be gone for only a minute.  It can take less than a minute for a young child to drown so never leave them unattended even in a small inflatable plastic pool.


Swimming Lessons

If you’re going to be hanging out at the pool, beach or a lake a lot this summer, it’s a good idea to give young children swimming lessons.  One of the first things young toddlers will learn how to do is roll on their backs and float. Knowing how to do this can be the difference between life and death.   It’s very important for children to be comfortable around and in the water so taking swimming lessons goes a long way in the prevention of accidental drowning.  Keep in mind parents should never develop a false sense of security from this.  Children should always be supervised since there are many other things that could cause accidentally drowning.  Addressing every possible issue is the only way to keep your child 100% safe.


Safety Lessons

At a very young age you want to teach children to respect the water by giving them water safety lessons.  Let them know they are never to go near or in a pool without adult permission and supervision. Use simple words they can understand to explain the dangers of swimming.  You can make a boring safety lesson a fun exercise by turning it into a game they can play every time they go to the pool. Red Light Green Light is a good game you can use to teach safety lessons.


As an extra precaution install water alarms in pools and definitely place an alarm on gates and fences surrounding any pool, hot tub or spa around the home.  If a child gets past all the other safety measures you have in place, setting off an alarm can help save their life.

Finally, of all the ones listed the most important safety reminder I can give is to never leave your children unattended.   Always keep an eye on them.  Swimming is lots of fun but in the blink of an eye that can change in a second and so will your families life forever.  Want to see more articles like this one?  Sign up for our free newsletter below and thanks for reading.



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