Seven fun online activities for kids quarantined during Covid 19

September 20, 2020

Seven fun online activities for kids quarantined during Covid 19

The year 2020 has been a challenging year with the Coronavirus pandemic. Covid 19 as it is commonly called is a deadly upper respiratory illness that has been affecting millions around the globe. It is easily spread from person to person and those infected may not show any signs of its symptoms for up to 2 weeks. To curb the spread of this infectious disease mandatory quarantine guidelines and travel restrictions had to be issued by many countries.  Local governments also required non-essential businesses as well as schools to close.  


With children forced to stay indoors during the pandemic, keeping them entertained for long periods of time can be a challenge for parents.  Lets face it, watching television or playing video games all day long is not always the best use of time. Thankfully, there are other activities kids can do that can be both entertaining and educational.  In the blog this month, we came up with a list of activities we found on the internet that checks both boxes. Enjoy!  


ABC Mouse 

On ABC Mouse you will find fun online educational programs for children between the ages of 2 to 8 years.  Subjects covered are Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies and Art. There are also games and other animated activities for kids to do. 



This is a really cool website where children can play games and explore the world, characters and books of the world famous Dr Seuss who is also one of my favorite children's book writer.  


PBS Kids 

On this website kids can go on adventures while playing educational games and watching some of their favorite PBS shows like Curious George or Daniel The Tiger.



Get children involved and engaged with some hands on learning.  This website offers some great DIY projects for kids to do while they’re home.   These projects are all educational and lots of fun.


Story Time From Space

This website treats kids with some out of this world story time videos of astronauts reading children’s books directly from outer space.  You can also find videotaped educational demonstrations and other videos from orbit posted there as well.


My First Garden 

On this website children who are at home can learn the fundamentals of starting a garden while being quarantined at home.  They will learn how to plan a garden and get creative design ideas for their own home gardens.



Can't make it to the zoo?  On this Web page kids can visit wildlife in far away places like Africa while never leaving the comfort of their living room or bedroom. See videos of animals in their own habitats being streamed live to your home from the internet.




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