Some Unique Gift Ideas To Consider

October 10, 2021

Some Unique Gift Ideas To Consider

Running out of gift ideas?  Most of us will browse the internet, go to the local mall and big-box store, or find a local gift shop.  Those choices are ok but you usually only find the most popular or common gift items that everyone else is buying.  How about thinking out of the box this time?  This month I thought it would be fun to list a few gift ideas many of us don't think about.


Book Subscription 

Give the gift of knowledge with a monthly book subscription. There are many subscription services available for children of all ages that offer books in many different categories, formats and languages. Many of these services will allow you to personalize, change or update your subscription preferences as your child grows or interest changes. Some will include fun activities with the monthly subscription boxes so reading can be both fun and educational. Parents like using a subscription service because of the access to a large variety of books that are often researched, prescreen and teacher approved for kids of any age group making the selection a lot easier.


Newborn Photo Shoot 

Parents have been taking baby photos probably since the invention of the first camera. In the past the first newborn photos were taken in the hospital and often as a birth announcement. In later years newborn photography gained more popularity with the work done by the world famous photographer Anne Geddes who is a pioneer of this industry. Today the internet and digital photography has made it easier to take creative photos of babies; however, some parents still enjoy having their little one photo taken while swaddled and dressed up in cute adorable poses.  


Memory Books 

Keep a record of life’s precious moments to share with your children, family and other loved ones in later years. Preserving a special milestone of your baby's 1st year and revisiting a special family memory is a lot easier today using memory books. Memory books are great for capturing happy occasions in life like a vacation, wedding, and the birth of a child. There are many sites that help you to make fully customizable high quality books using the pictures you upload to their sites.


Swimming Lessons 

Swimming classes are not something many people think about giving as a gift and I am sure someone will disagree with me but why not? Teaching a child early how to swim may help lower the risk of an accidental drowning especially if you have a backyard pool or live near water. Some experts recommend introducing babies to the water as early as 6 months but most would agree the best age to start teaching a child how to swim is between 1 to 3 years of age. If you are a family that loves the beach and enjoy going for a swim then how about giving a gift for a baby’s first swimming lessons.




Featured photo credit: Tú Nguyễn from Pixabay

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