What equipment do you need to make baby food?

August 14, 2022

What equipment do you need to make baby food?

Our most recent blog included some very popular homemade pureed foods parents will give their babies to eat.  Making baby food is not an overly complicated process but you will still need to get some equipment.  Most parents will start with the blender or a food processor but there are a few other equipment that parents may want to consider getting before they start making homemade baby food for their little ones.


Food Mill 

A food mill is traditionally a hand powered device.  It has a hand crank on top that is attached to a grinding plate with perforated holes that food is forced through to make a finer puree with little to no lumps.  Food mills are great for making homemade baby food because it's a fast way to puree cooked food while keeping a soft smooth texture.   


Potato Ricer 

A Potato Ricer resembles a garlic press with a hopper container that has small holes and a flat press to force the food through.  It is commonly used to break down individual potatoes into the perfect thanksgiving side dish but this is a kitchen gadget that can also be used for making homemade baby food as well.  Consider using a potato ricer for pureeing cooked foods like potatoes, beets, carrots and even avocados into a soft smooth baby food texture.  It's also a great option if you're only making small amounts of baby food at a time.


Ice Cube Trays 

Ice cube trays are not used for making baby food but they are a great tool for storing homemade baby food.  For busy parents and households, you can prepare and freeze food in advance, saving lots of time and money.  Ice Cube trays are also perfect for portioning out servings.  Just remember when freezing baby food in ice cube trays, it's recommended that you cover the top with plastic wrap.




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